Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fishing @ China 江鸥

It has been a dream for me, fishing in China....Especially for my target fish 鳡鱼 Elopichthys bambusa (Richardson)/ Carp Family. Today we came to a place not too far away from the city of Guang Zhou, it took us one hour drive from the city a place call 江鸥!This is a place where the locals rare fresh water shrimp, and the water supply is from 珠江 river....And the fish "鳡鱼" come into the pond together with the water supply when they pump the water from the river....But the locals hated this fish very much, because this fish has a huge appetite and will eat all the smaller fish and shrimp in the pond...
We walk in for about 600m to look for a nice spot...The surrounding... I have tried my best for the day.....there were 3 strikes in the morning, 2 hook off n 1 miss bite....So I end up zero catch. But my local friend has landed a nice 鳡鱼 on that day....Powerful jaw but no teeth.... It is quite long in shape... Look like Ladyfish... Well that's my fishing trip in China, Guang Zhou..... Anyhow, I enjoy most of the time drinking my beer...Ha Ha!!