Monday, August 8, 2011

Challenges for a Young Angler

A 15 year-old young angler from China had come for a Peacock and Toman challenge..... Hoe was his
host during his stay in Malaysia..... Well, talk about Peacock Bass.... No matter how hot and popular this fishing ground is, we still love to go back to Air Kuning.... co'z we know some good spots for the game.....he he he!!
Mengsen is a beginner fishing Peacock Bass,.... but he surely knows how to lure them. Not bad for a start.....
Wow! This one is considered a GOOD size...... Congrats!!
After a two days fishing for Peacock Bass they decided to go for Toman fishing...... Toman (Giant Snakehead) fishing is a unique game fishing where you have to locate the toman first by spotting it gulping air from the water surface and then you start casting as fast as you can...... and as accurate as you can to where the fish surfaced and let the fish notice your lure before it go deep...... It is quite fustrating that you wouldn't know when and where the Toman will surface and you have to be hundred percent allert and on standby...... Well, a beginner aways get his luck.......