Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beetle Interview

Few weeks ago, someone from the Pets magazine had called up to me and asking to initiate an interview on my experience of collecting & keeping of beetles........ Finally Malaysians are taking an interest in beetles as pets, no wonder lately you can find so many pet shops starting to sell beetles.
Beetle rearing & breeding are common overseas especially in Japan, Taiwan, France.........and every year there are many beetle collecting tours being organised to Malaysia's Highlands to observe and collect, and it is educational & full of fun. Whereas Malaysians themselves know so little about it.......What a waste.Here was the July publication on Pets magazine, where 5 pages were dedicated to the story......
It contains some write-up about Japanese beetle hobby trend coming to Malaysia.......And it addressed me as the first beetle maniac in Malaysia ( 魔笑!He He He )